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The wedding of your dreams starts here!!

Your wedding reception venue is pivotal to the success of your big day and speaks volumes about your personal style. No matter what your chosen theme may be, a Sun Rider Wedding Cruise is the perfect setting for the ultimate in Los Cabos wedding reception perfection.

There are many wedding reception venues around Los Cabo to choose from, but having a Sun Rider Wedding or Reception Cruise will ensure an even more memorable and special day.

Combining sophisticated style, timeless elegance and world-class views, cruising the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez aboard an exclusive luxury boat charter allows you and your guests to relax in complete privacy, offering atmosphere and luxury, with personal crew and staff attending to every detail.

We have a wide range of boats that are specifically designed for wedding cruises, as well as a personalized wedding coordinator that will ensure that the process and production of your private wedding charter exceeds your every expectation – from start to finish.

For each Bride and Groom, this day should always be a day to remember, a day to cherish forever, a day that will reflect the journey of love that has brought you to this moment of commitment. The wedding ceremony is the “heart” of this memorable event, and a special time of joyous celebration.

With a range of lavish wedding reception catering and beverage package options, our wedding reception boats accommodate your every requirement, with dining settings and entertainment personalized for your special day. We can also arrange the best wedding DJs, bands and entertainment in Los Cabos.


Marriage Requirements

For couples planning to get married in Cabo, a valid passport and an original and copy of birth certificates annotated and translated by an authorized translator certified in the Spanish language are required.

Travel Documents

Passports are required for visitors entering Mexico. If you are a citizen of the US, visit for more information on travel documents needed. For Canadian travelers, visit for relevant travel information.


Spanish is the official language of Mexico, though English is widely spoken and understood.


The peso is the currency of Mexico, but US dollars are often widely accepted in resort areas.



Cabo San Lucas has a tropical desert climate with over 300 days of sunshine annually. The average year-round temperature is 78 degrees F, with temperatures reaching as high as 100 degrees F offseason (May to September).


Cabo beaches are known for swift undertows and rocky shorelines, but some swimmer-friendly spots do exist. Playa Medano is a swimmable beach, but is often quite crowded. If you’re looking for a romantic lookout point, El Arco is frequented by sea lions, while Playa del Amor has great vistas.

Our Fleet


Sun Rider is the perfect boat for small groups, comfortable and secure, has a hot/cold table as well as a barbecue grill, capable of feeding 50 persons in comfort and fast, buffet style. Sound system prepared for iPod, CD’s and MP3.

Accommodations:50 passengers


Double buffet table and double barbecue grill arrangement, there are 11 tables and benches to sit 66 passengers, bar and bar stools to sit another 4 passengers.

Sound system and photographer desk. At this level is also the entrance to ladies and gents restrooms, which are one lower deck. By the sides you access the bow, a large open area, over 100 sq. meters, where is the dancing floor.

Accommodations: 250 passengers



Bodas Cabo     Bodas en altamar


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World’s Best Snorkel Trips


FACT: Despite being built as big as a bus, the whale shark also was endowed by Mother Nature with speed. See them in action in La Paz, Mexico.
whale shark
BEHIND THE SCENES: Whale Sharks in La Paz, Mexico
By Tara Bradley
Here in the warm waters of the Sea of Cortez, you’ll lose any Jaws-fostered fear of sharks. When the massive fish comes into focus, you hear your breath quicken through your snorkel and feel your adrenaline pumping — whale shark! Luckily for snorkelers, it’s possible to have in-water encounters with Tiburónes ballena on the surface while they feed. A filter feeder, the ocean’s largest fish hungrily inhales clouds of fish eggs, plankton, small fish and squid. But you have nothing to fear: Everything on a whale shark’s menu is so small that you can barely see it, and its tiny rows of teeth play an almost nonexistent role in its feeding.
Boats that operate out of La Paz, the capital of Baja California Sur, have guides who are experts at spotting the sharks as they glide just beneath the gleaming surface of the water. Our guide from SunRider Tours is the first to spot the sharks on the horizon.
We slip into the water, and after a rigorous snorkel-swim, we find ourselves in the wake of a feeding frenzy. Just as I settle into lazily floating alongside one of these gentle giants, it gives a flick of its tail and is quickly out of reach, diving down into deeper water.
That’s when the dance begins. We take turns getting our one-on-one time as they appear and disappear. Below, I see one glide up from the depths.
Kicking with all of my might, I finally approach it. Within moments it is gone. Despite being built as big as a bus, the whale shark also was endowed by Mother Nature with speed. By the time we’re back on the boat, we’re breathless — from trying to keep up and from being blown away by the beauty of it all.
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Swim With the Largest Fish in the world!

The elusive whale shark is on many people’s bucket list.  Sunrider Tours  offers an  unforgettable combination that includes an encounter with these gentle giants  and visiting Magical Town  of Todos Santos and  the City of La Paz.

Instead of using modest-size, open outboard-powered boat called “pangas”, Sun Rider features a swimming whale shark excursion on board our new catamarans, Fun Rider and Sea Star, with shade, restroom, fresh water shower and music on board, we take the whole experience to a superior level!



If you are fortunate enough to see and swim with whale sharks in Mexico or anywhere in the world, remember to use best practices listed in this slideshow below.

Tiburon Ballena


Our Crew will brief and assist you throughout the day with information about the Whale Sharks: sex, behaviour, feeding patterns, how to take photos and more. They will also instruct you on how to best approach and swim with the Whale Sharks, so that your encounter with the world’s largest fish is a truly memorable one.

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Sun Rider Tours Suggest; Swim With Sea Lions!

Sun Rider Tours brings you some very interesting point on these wonderful creatures. In their natural habitat, the these sea lions are very sleek animals, faster than any other sea lion or seal. They can reach speeds such as  25 miles (40 kilometers) an hour. Unlike other sea lions, California sea lions do not have lionlike manes.

Normally they live in huge colonies that can be observed together on seaside rocks, and even on man-made structures, for breeding and for birthing. Males are usually seen with large groups of females .

The sea lion’s ancient ancestors, like those of whales and dolphins, lived on land. The modern animal is well adapted to an aquatic environment, with its streamlined body and powerful flippers. California sea lions also boast thick layers of blubber to insulate their bodies from the chill of marine waters.

When diving deep, California sea lions slow their heart rates to allow them to remain underwater for nearly ten minutes before surfacing to breathe. This ability gives them an edge in the pursuit of the fish, squid, and shellfish that make up their primary diet.

Sun Rider Tours strongly suggests not to miss out on experiencing this wonderful experience while you are in Cabo!

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Sunrider Tours ; Welcome, and Expect The Unexpected!

Sunrider Tours understand, you might ask yourself why we say this? Well, it turns out; March is one of the best months of the year, for whale watching, from the cold winter waters of Alaska and south and in to our coasts of Cabo. Regarding whale action, there is a big difference in what time of the year and where you go out whale watching: on their northern migration from May to late August whales do hop a lot and do other stuff like tails wipes, head rushes and a variety of other stunts.

What isn’t very common to see on their northern habitat for example is “mugging”, mugging is when whales swim around the boat for a while, occasionally keeping their heads out of the water, as if they were taking a look at the boat and expatiators. WE have deep respect for wildlife and for safety matters, while all this show is going on we are not allowed to move the boat, kind of like the real mugging experience.

The reason why its far more common to presence these kind of stunts on our coastline rather than their northern migration, is pretty simple; Whales feel a lot more free to play around and be part of the show, they aren’t really in a rush to be anywhere else, so they become more curious and open to explore other creatures in the area where they will mate and breed afterwards (our boat for example) .While they are on their northern location on the other hand, the wales are strictly looking for food and getting ready to head back south to either mate or give birth. When they are ready, they head off to warmer waters to find the right couple and mate, whoever comes first has a bigger chance of success.

Sunrider Tours wants to make this clear, so readers know everything can happen at any time. Particularly with moms and calves descending across our coastline. We should defiantly expect an incredible show: Calves are extremely curios and playful. We have had tours where calves hop nonstop, while their mothers do the same over and over again, apparently teaching them how.

Some say it’s the greatest show on earth!

Our Friendly visitors saying Hello!

Our Friendly visitors saying Hello!080

You never really know what side of the boat the whale will choose to pop up or what kind of stunt they may pull. So its important to mention, keeping up will be quite the adventure!

Sunrider Tours suggests to have your cameras at hand, stay alert and ready for the greatest natural show of your life!

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